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Research support

Helping you to undertake and publish your research, and maximise its impact.

Keeping up to date

​It is very important to stay up to date with developments in your field. You need to be aware of current trends and the latest research, as well as the activities of other researchers and organisations.

Search alerts

Setting up alerts save you having to frequently repeat the same search. You can also filter out the papers you already know about.

You can set up search alerts in our databses for keywords that are of interest to you, or you can track specific authors to be notified of new papers they publish.

Citation alerts notify you whenever a specific article or author is cited in a newly published paper. 

Check the ‘help’ section of your favourite databases to see if they offer search alerts. Here are some of our most popular, along with links to their help guides to get you started:​

Key databases

Tutorials for setting up alerts on specific databases

General alerts

Keeping up to date using social media


Did you know that you don’t need a Twitter account to keep up with news and current developments from people and organisations of interest to you? Search Twitter.


Why not find some blogs related to your research interest? Look for the ‘follow’ option to receive new blog posts by email. You can use Google to find blogs; by entering the name of a blog site and then a few keywords like this: wordpress: covid wastewater. Other blog sites you could try this with are Medium and Blogger. You could also try searching the word blog along with a few keywords like this: blog digital twin.

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