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Library account - FAQs

How can I access my library account?

Go to My library account to see your items on loan, reservations, interlibrary loan requests and past loans. You can also renew your loans if they are not recalled, and opt-in to receive SMS messages.


How many items can I borrow?

Customer type

Number of loans allowed at one time

PhD / Staff member

30 items

MSc student

25 items

Short course students

10 items

All other members

6 items


Any interlibrary loans or documents you request from our Document Supply Service are in addition to these limits.

How long can I keep my loans?

The standard loan length is 6-8 weeks. Items with non-standard loans are labelled. You can see the due dates of your loans by logging into My library account. Kings Norton Library and School of Management Library customers can also print a receipt when they use the self-service kiosks.


Full time

Distance learners

 Standard loan

6 weeks

8 weeks

 Short loan

1 week

4 weeks

 In demand

2 days

2 days

 Interlibrary loans

3 weeks

3 weeks

 Reference items and journals

For in-Library use only

How do I renew my loans?

Please renew your books on or before the due date:

  • Online via My library account
  • By phone or email
  • At the self-service kiosks in the Kings Norton Library, Cranfield campus

What happens if my books are overdue?

If your loans are overdue, your Library account will be suspended and you will not be able to borrow any other items until your overdue loans are returned or renewed. You can renew your items online as long as another customer has not requested them. You are responsible for any items you borrow so any losses or unreturned items must be paid for in full.


What happens if I return a loan late?

As a courtesy to other users, please renew the loans or return any items you are not using. If you have overdue loans which are not required by other users, you will not be fined when you return them.

If you have received an email asking you to return your loans as another customer has reserved them, please do this as soon as you can.

How do I reserve an item to borrow?

Find the item in Library Search and choose Reserve a copy. If prompted, log in using your Cranfield University username and password.

We will email you when your item is ready for collection or you can opt in to receive a text message alert from us.

Unable to pick the book up in person? We can post it to you - see: Postal and scanning services.

What happens if an item I have borrowed is recalled by another customer?

A standard loan is guaranteed for six weeks. After that time it can be recalled by another customer and the loan period will be shortened. If we send you an email telling you that an item you have has been recalled, please return it immediately. If you need the item again, ask us to reserve it for you when you return it.