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Research support

Helping you to undertake and publish your research, and maximise its impact.

How to deposit in CERES

CERES integrates with relevant systems within the University to streamline how researchers manage their research information, and to fulfil open access and funder requirements. The CERES Repository Terms of Use determine the types of content that can be deposited into CERES. 

The way to deposit your research depends on the type of output. Regardless of the output type, we ask you to check that: 

  • you have the right to deposit the material 
  • the material is available in suitable electronic format(s) 

Your publications 

Please ensure you deposit these via the CRIS

Your research data 

Data is deposited directly into the CORD area of CERES (see below). 

Your thesis 

PhD theses are currently loaded into CERES by Library Services staff, following an appropriate embargo period, as supplied by SAS Team staff. Select Master’s theses are also included in CERES through a similar mediated service. 

Cranfield-organised conferences/events 

You may be involved in a Cranfield-organized event. Please email the Research Support Team in Library Services with the details of the event and what you would like to store in CERES.  

Quality control 

It is your responsibility to ensure the information you supply to CERES is accurate and appropriate. Library Services staff will check over key information as it is deposited and will contact you if there is any issue. 

Depositing data into CORD in CERES 

Check you are eligible - Current Cranfield staff and research students can upload data to CORD in CERES.  

First time data depositor? - See our Guidance on planning your data storage. You will need to log in to use the Deposit button:

Deposit your data