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Open Access

Choosing where to publish

Open Access options vary from publisher to publisher but can also differ between journals from the same publisher. Journals are generally of two types:

  • Fully open access journals, where you usually have to pay a publication fee known as an Article Processing Charge (APC);
  • Hybrid journals, which have a mix of OA articles and articles only accessible to subscribers. To publish an OA article, you again usually have to pay an APC. 

Look at our publisher deals to see which journals are already funded for OA publishing.

Tips for choosing a journal

The following sources may help you make an informed decision about which journal to submit your article to, and the OA choices available.

  • The SHERPA/FACT tool (select a journal and funder to check compliance)

  • The SHERPA/JULIET tool (search by funder to find their OA requirements)
  • The SHERPA/RoMEO tool (search by journal/publisher to find their OA policy)

All CDS staff must ensure that their papers/presentations are approved in advance of publication using the Permission to Publish process.

Important:: wherever you choose to publish, as soon as you receive confirmation that your work is going to be published, send the acceptance email, and the Author accepted manuscript (AAM) if you are publishing via the Green route, to so we can deposit it in CRIS/CERES for you.

Be careful!
Some authors may feel pressured to explore other routes to OA, such as using vanity, self- or on-demand publishing. Some of these businesses are legitimate but some aren’t, so if you are approached directly by a publisher, check our guidelines on how to avoid predatory publishers.