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Disability support

Our commitment to customers with disabilities

We have set the following objectives so that no disability becomes a barrier to accessing or using our services:

  • To work in partnership with staff, students, academic departments and other central services to develop access and services for customers with disabilities.
  • To try to make all services and premises accessible, regardless of a customer's disability, wherever possible and / or practicable. Where it is not possible / practicable, reasonable alternative methods of service will be offered.
  • To review Library Service policy for customers with disabilities regularly so we can include changes in the user community, national developments, local circumstances, resource availability and advances in equipment.
  • To be conscious of the impact on customers or staff with disabilities when developing new services or undertaking works.
  • To seek structured feedback from customers and staff on how far services are meeting their needs.
  • To develop staff awareness and skills to help them provide services to those with disabilities.
  • To provide a range of assistive technology in collaboration with the Cranfield University IT Professional Service Unit to enable customers with disabilities to access our services and resources.
  • To promote and market services, so that customers with disabilities are aware of the services available to them and how access to those services can be supported.
  • To be conscious of the needs of customers or staff with disabilities when developing collections.
  • To designate Accessibility Officers within the service.
  • To liaise with the University Head of Diversity and Inclusion and the University Learning Support Officers.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to help us achieve these objectives.