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Disability support

Advice for teaching staff

The Student Wellbeing and Disability Support provide guidance to academic staff on supporting students with learning and disability support needs.

W: Visit the Student Wellbeing and Disability Support site (intranet) 

We are happy to answer queries related to support provided by the Library Service. Please contact one of our Accessibility Officers for advice or help with queries.

Adjustments to Library services for customers with a declared disability

Once a student has shared a disability to the Student Wellbeing and Disability Support, they will create a Student Support Plan for them. This document sets out recommendations for support that they may need during their studies at Cranfield University. 

If applicable, we will automatically apply a recommendation of extended book loans for them, so they don’t have to do anything to activate this adjustment. Please see the ‘Support and services’ section of this guide for information on other adjustments to library services that are available to students with a declared disability. 

Reading lists 

We recommend an inclusive approach to providing course resources. With respect to book purchasing and journal article provision, considerations about accessibility should be taken into account for all essential resources within modules. 

It should be noted that some books and journal articles may not be available in accessible formats, particularly older publications. If an accessible copy is not available a suitable alternative will need to be found.  We may be able to digitise a print copy for you if copyright restrictions allow (see below). If this is not possible then we suggest that you reflect on whether the title can be classed as essential if some of your students are not able to access it. Your Librarian will be able to provide further advice on identifying alternative resources. Please note it is recommended that you do this at the earliest opportunity so as not to impact on your students' experience.

Digitising books 

We can obtain books in alternative formats, in particular PDF and Word, for students with a Student Support Plan. The title has to be on a module reading list and we must already have a copy in the library collections.

If we already hold the title in our stock we will request an alternative format copy from the publisher. Depending on the publisher, generally this may take up to four weeks. If the title is not in our stock we will investigate whether it is possible to purchase a copy, and this will take longer.   
To request a book in an alternative format please contact one of the Library Service Accessibility Officers stating whether you want a PDF or a Word copy. If neither of these formats is suitable please tell us; we will need to discuss this with you further to find out which format you require. 

We may be able to provide an individual chapter, or 10% of a book in an alternative format much quicker than awaiting a full-text version from a publisher.  If you only need select readings, please let us know.