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East View Trial - July 2021

Thanks to the great people at East View, we are currently running a trial for our registered users of the Soviet Military History Collection giving access to the following two resources:

Soviet Military Dissertations (MIL-DISS)
This rare research collection includes 90 Soviet doctoral and “candidate” dissertations on military subjects, as well as 42 abstracts, books, reports, appendices, maps, and illustrations (more than 20,000 pages in total) defended in various Soviet Military Academies in the period between 1946 and 1983. Formerly categorized as “Secret” and declassified only during the brief period of Soviet perestroika, these publications represent an extremely rare source of Soviet military strategy and analyses.

Sbornik Boevykh Dokumentov Velikoi Otechestvennoi Voiny (SBD-VOV)
This rare 43-volume collection contains the most critical directives and orders from the Soviet Supreme Command (Stavka) during World War II, as well as combat documents detailing the activities of all branches and types of Soviet forces. It is arranged according to subject (i.e., artillery, mechanized forces), battle, and period of the war. The collection of documents was assembled by the Archive of the Ministry of Defense under the direction of the General Staff’s Directorate on the Study of the War Experience (and later, the Military Science Directorate). Most of the more than 8,000 documents were classified secret or top secret, and the series itself was classified "Secret." It is by far the largest and most comprehensive Soviet documentary series on the war. This set continues to be widely used by military analysts and planners in Russia. The collection contains 43 volumes, 8,434 pages, 266 maps, and tables.

The trial is running from now until 25 July 2021.

Please contact us if you would like to apply to be an RMSC registered user.


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