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Request an ISBN

ISBNs (International Standard Book Numbers) are identification numbers assigned to published books. Each number is unique to each published work and cannot be reused.

We can provide you with a registered ISBN for Cranfield published material that you'd like to make available externally. We will also register the ISBN with the British Library.


To request an ISBN from the Library:

Please request an ISBN via email and include:

  • the book title
  • the book author(s) / editor(s)
  • planned publication date


To request an ISBN from Nielsen for non-Cranfield material:

If you have non-Cranfield material to publish or prefer to purchase an ISBN directly, please visit the Nielsen website:


To request a free ISBN for non-Cranfield material:

Often self-publishing and print-on-demand websites will provide a free ISBN that is limited to their platform. These free ISBNs cannot be transferred to sell the same book via a different publisher. (The ISBN distribution rights are owned by the publisher, not the author). Each self-publishing platform offering free ISBNs will issue a separate ISBN for the same title.