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Mendeley is a free reference manager and academic social network. Your account will sync across the web, desktop and mobile versions. It offers 2GB of storage for free, but there is a charge for additional storage.

When you set up your Mendeley account, we strongly recommend that you use your personal email rather that your Cranfield email. Please ignore any suggestion to use the Institutional Login. Please contact your Information Specialist if you have a question.

We support Mendeley, and provide advice and training to enable you to make best use of it. Other referencing software is available, but we are unable to help you if issues arise.

Access Mendeley

How to install the Cranfield styles in Mendeley

Please read our blog post to decide which referencing system you should use, and to download and install the appropriate style to Mendeley:

Which referencing style should I use?

Importing references and citations

Come to one of our training sessions

Search DATES using the term "Mendeley" to find out when we are running our next training course.

Need help?

Please contact one of our Information Specialists who will be able to help you with specific issues or questions you may have.