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Information for new students

Welcome to Cranfield!

Everything you need to know about our services and resources is in our Quick Start to the Library PDF! It covers all the basics, finding information, borrowing items, requesting interlibrary loans and studying or working off site.

You can also watch our induction playlist on YouTube.

Your first task!

Before you begin your first assignment, you will benefit from working through our online tutorials.

We strongly recommend that you complete our Discovering Quality Information eLearning. It won’t take long but it will teach you about the different types of information you will need to use for your studies at Cranfield, and when they are useful. You will then be invited to attend a face-to-face training session with the same name that will concentrate on showing you how to search our resources effectively. Check your timetable to find out when it has been scheduled. It is important that you complete the eLearning before you attend the session.

Our online Referencing and Avoiding Plagiarism course explains what plagiarism is, and why it is an important issue. We cover the role and importance of citing bibliographic references, and how you incorporate the work of other authors into your literature review correctly, and without plagiarising. Choose the correct link for your school to complete the eLearning module.


PhD students

You will attend a Quick Start to the Library session as part of your induction day, which will provide an overview of our services. This will be followed by an invitation to attend Discovering Quality Information, a hands-on training session that will show you how to find the information that you need for your research. Please work through our Discovering Quality Information eLearning​ and do the quiz before coming along to your session. After you’ve finished, you will know about the different types of information you will need to use for your studies at Cranfield, and when they are useful. This means that in the face-to-face session we’ll be able to concentrate on learning how to search our resources effectively.​

You can also request a personalised induction session with your Information Specialist. At this session, we can find out more about your specific research needs, show you the most appropriate resources to use and explain more about how we can help you with publishing your research, research data management and skills training.

We also participate in the Doctoral Researchers Core Development (DRCD) training programme. This offers a range of opportunities for you to continue developing your personal and professional research skills in the form of face-to-face workshops, webinars, online material and other resources. Find out more

Our blog posts for new students

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