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About us

Our research projects

We maintain a high research profile within the library and information sector, leading or contributing to a number of national projects intended to improve the management of eResources and the measurement of their usage. The services that we are developing will not only help us to ensure that delivery of our own resources remains customer focused, meeting real demand and creating value for money, but will also be of similar benefit to the wider library community both nationally and internationally.

Our recent research projects include:

Institutional Repository Usage Statistics (IRUS)

IRUS-UK (Institutional Repository Usage Statistics UK) is a national aggregation service which provides COUNTER-conformant usage statistics for all content downloaded from participating UK institutional repositories (IRs). The statistics enable the IR owners to share standardised data which provides evidence of their value and impact nationwide. The IRUS-UK service continues to grow, year on year, and the IRUS brand is expanding beyond the UK, developing services in Australia, New Zealand and the US.

[Partners: Jisc, Cranfield University, EvidenceBase]

Journal Usage Statistics Portal (JUSP) 

JUSP collates the usage data of over 100 suppliers and services offered by journal publishers and intermediaries and provides a single gateway for libraries to view, download and analyse customised reports of their customers’ usage of those services. It is already in use by over 300 libraries in the UK and around the world, and creates significant cost and resource savings for them because they no longer need to collect and collate usage data from each provider individually. It is therefore an excellent example of a maturing shared service which is helping the library community as a whole to respond to current financial challenges, analyse usage trends and provide evidence of value for money. 

[Partners: JISC, Cranfield University, EvidenceBase]