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Referencing and plagiarism


Mendeley is a free reference manager and academic social network that helps you store and organise your references. It provides 2GB of storage for free and has many other useful features, including the option to read, highlight and annotate PDFs.

We support Mendeley, and provide advice and training to enable you to make best use of it. Other referencing software is available, but we may be unable to help if issues arise.

Access Mendeley

Forthcoming changes to Mendeley

Mendeley are planning to retire Mendeley Desktop and have released its replacement, Mendeley Reference Manager, to run in parallel for a while. We are teaching new students how to use Mendeley Reference Manager to prevent them having to switch to a different version part way through their studies. If you are already using Mendeley Desktop and the Write n Cite plugin you needn’t make any changes now. We will provide instructions and support to help you make the change when the time comes.

If you have never used Mendeley before please log in using the ‘institutional log in’ options.

How to install the Cranfield styles in Mendeley Reference Manager

APA7, the author-date guide for students who started at Cranfield from September 2021 onwards, is supported by Mendeley. To add this style in Word, go to the list of Citation Styles and select “American Psychological Association 7th edition”.

For Cranfield bespoke styles, please refer to the guidance below:

Importing references and citations

Need help?

Please email us or contact your Information Specialist if you need help using Mendeley. We can help you more efficiently if you provide us with the exact text of error messages, send us screenshots, and information about the operating system and browser that you are using.