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About us

Rules and regulations

Our promise

Barrington Library undertakes to provide all customers with a good quality service which aims to meet, if not exceed, expectations.

The Library also promises to deal with customers, and to execute these regulations, openly, fairly and with empathy for the individual situation.

In return, the Library asks that its customers take advantage of the resources available with due regard to the co-operative spirit of library provision, and to play their part in ensuring effective development of the service for all.

The Library Regulations apply to all customers.


All current CDS staff, students, and emeritus professors may use the Library.

Cranfield alumni of Shrivenham may register to use the online alumni library service.

Staff and students from JSCSC may join the Library under a reciprocal access agreement between the Hobson (JSCSC) and Barrington Libraries. This agreement covers reference use, borrowing up to six items, and use of those electronic resources on premises that are covered by their licences for ‘walk-in’ use.

Staff and students from other parts of Cranfield University may also use the Library upon request.

Other MOD and serving UK service personnel, and any member of the Defence Academy’s Defence Technology Club may, upon request, join the Library and be granted ‘miscellaneous user’ status.

Members of the public may be granted temporary on-site access at the discretion of Library Staff, judged on an individual needs basis.

Access to and use of the Library Reports Section is governed by regulations issued by the Defence Academy.


All library material, except that designated as "For Reference" use only, may be borrowed upon the production of a valid Library card. Journals are for reference only and may not be borrowed. Limits to borrowing vary according to customer status.

Inter-library loans (items obtained for borrowers from another library) are subject to the conditions imposed by the lending library.  You must comply with these conditions, as advised by Library Staff, or risk jeopardising the service for all customers.

All borrowed items (except Inter-Library Loans) are available for renewal, unless required by another customer.

Customers will be held responsible for any damage to or loss of library material or property which they use or with which they are issued, and may be required to provide a replacement.

Library cards may not be lent to or used by another person. Loss of a card must be reported immediately.

Material lent to one person must not be transferred to another. It is the responsibility of the borrower to return all library material prior to the end of the course, posting or termination of contract.


Group work is welcomed, and talking and discussion are permitted, with consideration for other customers.

Customers are welcome to use mobile phones, and bring food and drink into the Library, with due care and attention to other customers.

Dogs or other animals must not be brought into the Library.

Children must be supervised at all times.

Any request by Library Staff relating to general conduct should be observed promptly and without question. This includes instructions relating to unattended bags, personal belongings, and car parking areas.


Communications from the Library will normally be sent to Cranfield email addresses, but customers may supply us with a valid alternative email address for an account which is regularly checked.


Copyright law must be observed in all copying of Library material and in all copying carried out in the Library, whether by reprographic or any other means. Current copyright licensing rules are displayed next to the Library photocopiers. Further guidance can be found on the Barrington Library website.

Use of IT and electronic resources within the Library

Use of information technology facilities within the Library is governed by the University and Defence Academy conditions of use. Please read the University’s IT Users Policy. The Defence Academy documents ‘Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) for IT and Telephones’ and User security operating procedures (SyOps) for workstations connected to the network’ are both available on the DAIS.

You must also comply with our conditions of use when you use any of the eResources to which we subscribe: Our eResources: Conditions of use

Access to individual electronic resources will be based upon type of membership, e.g. some customers are only eligible for walk-in access.

For security reasons, the use of USB sticks is strictly prohibited on site.

Use of personal IT equipment is permitted but power supplies must have been PAT tested on site. Customers may have this done during normal working hours via the Cranfield University Workshops.

Health and safety

Evacuation procedures

All staff, students and visitors to Barrington Library have a personal responsibility to be aware of evacuation procedures, but in the event of an emergency (or evacuation practice) library staff will ensure customers are directed from the Library to the appropriate Evacuation Assembly Point. Please comply with their instructions fully and promptly.

First aid

If there is an accident or incident in the Library, please report it to a member of the Library Staff. Barrington Library has staff trained as first-aiders.

Personal property

Personal possessions are the responsibility of individual customers. Unattended bags will be considered a security risk. If Library Staff cannot identify the owner then Security Staff will be contacted.

Complaints procedure

We hope all our customers will be satisfied with the service they receive from Barrington Library. However, if this is not the case, please tell us. Please read our suggestions, comments and complaints policy.


Changes to Library Regulations

The Head of Barrington Library has authority to prescribe, to alter and amend as necessary, specific regulations concerning the circulation of books and the use of the Library.


[Barrington Library Regulations are reviewed on an annual basis. Last reviewed July 2019.]